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Algae and Fungicidal Remover

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The best Moss and Algae Remover for Tarmac. Use only on hard surfaces.

An all in one product. Does the job of two products.
Main Verte Algae and Fungicidal Remover is a biodegradable liquid for removing
Green Algae, Red Discolouration, Mould and Lichen from Concrete and Tarmac
driveways, fencing, garden ornaments, walls and all other hard surfaces. Excellent
product for removing Algae prior to painting. Kills within hours of using. Surfaces
treated can be powerwashed after 4 days to remove any traces dead algae and red
discolouration. In most cases no need to wash after treating once surface is exposed to
the weather. Some concrete or hard surfaces may turn reddish brown after treatment,
this is normal and will dissipate after washing.


Directions for use

  • Ensure the surface been treated is dry and free from any debris.
  • Do not apply if rain is expected within 5-6 hours.
  • To remove light Algae and Mould: Dilute 10 parts water to 1 part Algae and Fungicidal
  • To remove heavy Algae, Red Discolouration, Mould and Lichen: Dilute 6 parts water to
    1 part Algae and Fungicidal Remove. 1 Litre of diluted solution covers approximately
    7 sq meters.
  • Spray Algae and Fungicidal Remover onto the surface using a garden sprayer or a
    watering can.
    Ensure all areas are treated.
    Keep pets inside until solution is dry.

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