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Astral Gum Solve


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The most effective Chewing Gum remover on the market. A solvent jelly which penetrates chewing gum, labels & some graffiti, enabling their easy removal from a large range of surfaces.

How to use?

Shake can well before use. Apply directly onto chewing gum and allow 5 to 10 minutes to soften, apply a second spray before wiping away with a cloth using a twisting motion. When removing labels, spray liberally over the label surface and allow to penetrate. The time taken to penetrate the label is dependent on the type of label and sufficient time needs to be allowed for Gum Solv to soften the adhesive. When Gum Solv has softened the adhesive, simply peel off the label. An additional spray of Gum Solv should allow any residual adhesive to be wiped away. CAUTION: May mark some plastic surfaces, try on a small test area first.